Bessie Vee Charters - Boat Charter in Mevagissey (Cornwall, South West), England

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England flagBessie Vee Charters

The MV Bessie Vee is a spacious, swift charter boat which will transport you rapidly to where you want to fish, film or sightsee in minimum time and in comfort. Experienced, professional skipper Dave Hunkin


Boat Charter


23 Polkyth Road, St. Austell, Cornwall PL25 4LP, England. (Scroll down for map)


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Dave Hunkin, 23 Polkyth Road, St. Austell, Cornwall PL25 4LP, England.


01726 871074





Welcome to Bessie Vee Charters:

Welcome to Bessie Vee Charters!

The MV Bessie Vee is a spacious, swift charter boat which will transport you rapidly to where you want to fish, film or sightsee in the minimum time and in comfort.

A 39ft Cygnus Cyfish with over 260sq ft of deck space and a large wheelhouse, the Bessie Vee is licensed and equipped to carry 11 passengers up to 60 miles from a safe haven. She has a 12 litre 500hp Scania engine, enabling her to cruise comfortably at 14 -15knots, with a top speed of 20knots.

Please visit our website to find out more about angling, sharking, sightseeing, team building or filming trips, or call us on 01726 871074 to tell us of your requirements.


Tariffs for trips will be dependent on your specific requirements, but as a guide, see the table below for 2009 bookings; charter prices are for groups booking the whole boat.

4 UP TO 11 UP TO 10 MILES £ 250
8 UP TO 11 UP TO 20 MILES £ 400
10 UP TO 11 UP TO 40 MILES £ 470
12 UP TO 11 UP TO 40 MILES £ 520
16 UP TO 11 UP TO 60 MILES £ 700

Rods are available to rent at £ 5 per head.


A deposit of £ 100 will be required within 2 weeks of each charter booking, which will be refunded if the skipper has to cancel due to dangerous weather conditions.

ALSO 2-HOUR mackerel fishing trips, and 4-HOUR/FULL DAY angling trips are available for INDIVIDUALS, at a cost of:

  • £ 12 per person for 2 hours} All these prices
  • £ 30 per person for 4 hours} INCLUDE rod hire
  • £ 45 per person for 8 hours}

(Whether these trips go ahead will depend on the number of individuals wanting to go - generally, we need at least 6 to make a 2 or 4 hour trip viable. Contact us for availability, or to be placed on our 'individuals' list if you are happy to be contacted to occasionally make up numbers).


Cash and Cheques are accepted: all cheques make payable to BD Hunkin.
We look forward to hearing from you!

About the fish:

All sea anglers are welcome on the Bessie Vee - from complete beginners to experts; her swiftness guarantees that you'll have more fishing time than on many other angling boats, and her size allows for plenty of elbow room for battlers!

We have a choice of over 150 wrecks in the area, and when tides allow, we anchor up to fish for ling, conger, pouting and whiting amongst others.

At times when tides are against anchoring on wrecks, we can drift for pollock, cod, coley and bass, or fish purely for bass, with live baits, on the Dodman, the Manacles or the Eddystone. For serious rod-bending, we can go sharking for blues, porbeagles or threshers, whatever the tide. There is always the option to do a combination of fishing.

Rods are available to hire for a small fee, and Dave will always be on hand to assist and supply the hot drinks!

We don't object to your wanting to take some of your catch away for your own consumption, and Dave will fillet fish if you require this, but to encourage conservation of sea life, generally, catches will be measured, recorded and photographed if you wish, and then returned to the sea.

For the more competitive of you, we will be setting up some challenges, and there will be prizes awarded for Bessie Vee competitions!

We have a 60 mile licence, and Charters are available for 4, 8, 10 and 12 hour long days.

Contact us for details, or to be placed on our'Individuals' list if you are happy to be called 'on spec' to occasionally make up numbers.

Reported to
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
1cod18lbs 3oz18lbs 3oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),
1coley and pollack7lbs 0oz7lbs 0oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),
1ling25lbs 0oz25lbs 0oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Ameneties / facilities:


  • 39ft Cygnus Cyfish
  • 12 litre 500hp Scania engine
  • Cruising speed of 14-15knots, top speed of 20knots
  • C.O.P. cat.2 licence; 60 miles from safe haven
  • Workboat licence
  • All necessary safety/first aid equipment + + (inc. liferaft)
  • Latest electronic fishfinding/radio equipment
  • Large bait tanks and fishroom
  • Deck-accessed toilet facility
  • Large wheelhouse with seating/sink/hob/oven/fridge
  • Over 60ftof rail space and over 260sq ft of deck!

We are also available for survey work, guard boat duties, light cargo work, personnel transfer and as a safety boat. Contact us with your specific requirements.


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