Burnham-on-sea Holiday Village - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp in Burnham-on-Sea (Somerset, South West), England

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England flagBurnham-on-sea Holiday Village

Both of the lakes are well stocked and, if you're lucky, you could catch a fish weighing up to 35lbs. You can find a variety of different fish including Roach, Bream, Carp rudd and tench.


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp


Marine Dr, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset TA8 1LA, England. (Scroll down for map)


From the onsight tackle shop


Night fishing is available on the Specimen lake only.

we now have log cabens for 10 pound a night each person must be on holiday.


£6 a day.

£6 for a night.

£16 3 day.

£25 a week and nights as well.


Burnham-on-sea Holiday Village, Marine Dr, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset TA8 1LA, England.


01278 783391

Welcome to Burnham-on-sea Holiday Village:

Resting on the seafront in glorious Somerset, Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village is a breath of fresh air. Family holidays here are all about serenity and relaxation. With its tranquil fishing lake and beautifully landscaped surrounds, you'll never tire of the peaceful atmosphere. A range of eateries, exclusive lakeside accommodation and pool-side sun terraces make this the ideal place in which to kick back, relax and enjoy a restful stay.

About the water:

The Burnham Holiday village is packed with loads of activities which includes two large well stocked fishing lakes. The match lake has good accessible swims and is oxygenated most of the year round to help the fish keep on feeding.

The specimen lake is the largest. It has secluded swims and this lake holds the biggest fish. There are lots of interesting features including bays, overhanging bushes, snags, cut throughs, gullies and gravel patches. 

About the fish:

Typical catches on the specemin lake range from 12lbs to 18lbs but there are documented cases of fish from 20lbs upwards including a number of Carp around 28lbs. There are also large pike in this lake.

The match lake holds smaller carp and a healthy amount of Bream weighing in at 7-8lbs. There is also a fair amount of Roach and Rudd in this lake.

Reported to www.fishcaptures.com:
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
1Bream3lbs 0oz3lbs 0oznaFresh / frozen boilies (1 capture).Mainline Grange CSL Milky Toffee (1 capture),
6carp6lbs 0oz23lbs 8oz14lbs 7oz 1drUnknown (8 captures).undisclosed (15 captures),
11Common Carp6lbs 0oz18lbs 0oz13lbs 14oz 13drFresh / frozen boilies (10 captures),
Hemp seed (1 capture).
Solar Club Mix (Squid & Octopus, Stimulin and Anchovy) (4 captures),
Mainline Grange CSL (3 captures),
undisclosed (3 captures),
CC Moore Pacific Tuna (1 capture),
1Ghost Mirror Carp12lbs 0oz12lbs 0oznaFresh / frozen boilies (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),
2Linear Carp15lbs 0oz18lbs 0oz17lbs 8ozFresh / frozen boilies (2 captures).Mainline Grange CSL (1 capture),
undisclosed (1 capture),
12Mirror Carp11lbs 7oz23lbs 8oz17lbs 10oz 1drFresh / frozen boilies (12 captures),
Unknown (2 captures).
Mainline Grange CSL (6 captures),
undisclosed (5 captures),
Premiere Matrix (2 captures),
1Mirror Carp (Fully Scaled)16lbs 0oz16lbs 0oznaFresh / frozen boilies (1 capture).Solar Club Mix (Squid & Octopus, Stimulin and Anchovy) (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Best fishing conditions (according to the Fish Captures database) for Burnham-on-sea Holiday Village :

  • air temp
    53.3% (8 in 15) captures with a value show : 15°C (59°F) and the average overall is 16.4°C (61.52°F)
    16.4°C avg
  • water temp
    50% (2 in 4) captures with a value show : 10°C (50°F) and the average overall is 9.3°C (48.74°F)
    9.3°C avg
  • water depth
    82.4% (14 in 17) captures with a value show : 4ft (1.22m) and the average overall is 4.1ft (1.25m)
    4.1 ft avg
  • water clarity
    50% (17 in 34) captures with a value show : Low clarity (Some light penetration - visibility up to a foot) and the average overall is Low clarity
    Low clarity
  • wind speed
    64.7% (11 in 34) captures with a value show : Beaufort 2 / 5 knots / 6-11kph / 4-7mph. (Wind felt on face; leaves rustle; flags stir) and the average overall is Gentle Breeze
    Slight Breeze
  • wind dir
    Wind direction unknown or not applicable
  • weather
    Weather unknown
  • air pressure
    Air pressure unknown
  • moon phase
    20.6% (7 in 34) captures with a value show : Full Moon
    Full Moon

View more capture statistics (all captures in graph mode)

Ameneties / facilities:

The Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village itself is a seafront sensation with all the facilities you could wish for and more.

Lakeside Tackle Shop: For everything you need from friendly advice to tackle and bait for your trip to Burnham.

Direct Beach Access: The beach at Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village is easily accessible across a small quiet road, with steps down to the sand. Once you are there, you have 7 miles of glorious sand which is perfect for sunbathing and building sandcastles. Treat yourself to an ice cream or a donkey ride, or take a relaxing stroll across the sand, soaking up the sun.

Exclusive Lakeside Cravans: The very top of the range. Our Exclusive Caravans combine ultimate luxury with a premium Park location. Enjoy superb lake views, all from the privacy of your own veranda.

The Mash & Barrel pub at Burnham-on-sea has been specially designed and created for Haven. The feel is smart and contemporary and the atmosphere is very relaxed and family friendly, making a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.

Mash and Barrel: Burnham-on-sea guests will enjoy a big bar area, serving great beers, wines and cocktails. An all-day menu serves snacks and family meals. There's also a carvery serving popular traditional roasts.

A lounge area with big sofas is the perfect spot to catch up with the sporting action on TV after a hard day enjoying yourself during your holiday at Burnham-on-sea.


  • Barbless hooks
  • No bait boats
  • All persons fishing the lakes must have a current rod licence and day ticket.
  • No carp over 10lbs to be kept in keep nets.


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