Lac Les Pins - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp in Ladignac-le-Long (Limousin), France

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France flagLac Les Pins

Lac Les Pins is one of the Premier carp fisheries in the Limousin area and offers an excellent all Inclusive package on a beautiful 12 acre lake, set in a stunning and idyllic location.


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp


Ladignac Le Long , France. (Scroll down for map)


All Inclusive Package Price for 2012 is £450 pounds per person per week: visit our website for further details.


Christine Nash, France.


0033 (0) 587000546


0033 (0) 670794702



Welcome to Lac Les Pins:

Now entering our 7th Season

We are three Partners who discovered this idyllic haven after searching long and hard for 5 years to find a dream lake in the perfect location. We have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years, dealing with French Beaurocracy and the language barrier, not to mention all the physical work that maintaining a lake such as this demands. But it has all been worth it, now we really feel we are in Paradise.

Some of you will have heard of Colin Nash, the dedicated angler, who has appeared in many of the English fishing magazines over the years, exhibiting his outstanding catches. If you need assistance Colin will be on hand to offer his expert advice on strategies and techniques, with his two Partners Barry and Christine, each offering their own unique professional expertise in the overall running of the business to make it the success that it is.

Whether you are a well seasoned angler or a novice on your first fishing trip, you can be assured of a very warm and friendly welcome, with superb facilities and great fishing. We would like to invite you to come along and share this fantastic fishing experience.

We have heard many stories from anglers who have been subjected to unfulfilled promises and extremely poor facilities. Unlike those others, we do not make promises which we can not deliver as we are a registered fishery and are subject to checks by the authorities that we conform to certain standards and regulations. Many lakes charge for all sorts of hidden extras, so you end up paying a lot more. We are still one of the best and cheapest All Inclusive Carp lakes in France, so be assured that the one price you pay is ALL you pay for everything we offer in the package. We believe in offering a first class level of service, with totally satisfied customers all leaving with a desire to return, because we genuinely want to establish ourselves as one of the top Carp Fishing Venues in France.

We own and run our own fishery, with specially selected carp from reputable farmers. Each and every fish that has been put in our lake has been recorded, so we know exactly what is likely to be caught.

Dont expect to catch much under 25lbs as this is NOT a runs water, it is specifically for anglers wishing to catch large carp. We are looking at the quality of the fish, and we like to give our anglers a challenge, with a bit of fight on their hands. This is real fishing at its best.

So come along and visit us in Paradise, if you want a real fishing adventure with exceptional value for money - we promise you will not be disappointed.

About the water:

Stunning and Idylic Location

Lac les Pins is set amongst Pine Trees in a most stunning and idyllic location, where you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation it offers. The lake is in a very secluded location, but you may spot a deer at sunrise and sunset, visiting and drinking from the lake. We have yet to see a wild boar, they are possibly hiding in the surrounding enclosed mature woodland, but there is plenty of other wildlife around to give that added feel of getting back to nature.

Our 12 Acre lake, with depths that run from 5ft - 15ft is stream fed, so there is no need to worry about these depths diminishing. The water quality is superb, with plenty of natural food resources, although we have been supplementing our fish during the Winter months with other nutrients in order to increase their growth.

There are 5 different specimens of Carp in the lake, many beautifully scaled, including full Linears, as well as some stunning Commons and originals with beautiful markings.

We have continued our stocking programme by introducing in excess of 200 Carp (Mirrors and Commons) into the lake and stock pond. Our most recent new batch was in January 2009, when we introduced another 35 stunning 40's and 30's into the lake. 

We rest our waters during the Winter months from November until April, so as to add nutrients, de-stress our carp and make sure they are all in superb condition for reopening at the start of the Season. Up to now the growth rate has been phenomenal. We treat our fish with the greatest respect and expect all our anglers to do the same.

The swims are accessible from all sides, we do not believe in overcrowding so we have decided not to permit more than six anglers on at any one time, in order to allow our fishermen the maximum scope and manoeuvrability. Any snags that were in the lake were removed at the last vidange in November 2007 - thus leaving the lake snag free.

There is also a 1 1/4 acre stock pond which has been excavated to a depth of 5ft-8ft in order for us to rear our own stock.

Ameneties / facilities:

All Inclusive carp fishing package

We are offering you a chance to experience this genuinely fantastic All Inclusive carp fishing package with no hidden extra costs.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to fish in beautiful idyllic surroundings, with impeccable service, excellent facilities, and fish that are second to none. If you are flying, see Links for Ryanair and Flybe, both of whom have regular flights to Limoges from London Stansted, Bournemouth, Bristol and East Midlands.

Please book your flight as early as possible to ensure the cheapest deals, and to make sure that your booked dates are available. Limoges Airport is approximately 35 minutes from the Lake, and you will be picked up in our luxury air conditioned minibus. This will take you across the most beautiful French countryside to Lac Les Pins.

Upon your arrival, you will be given your Welcome Pack (which includes tea, sugar and milk), and allocated your swims, so that you can prepare yourself for a very pleasurable and relaxing start to what we know will be an amazing holiday for you, with catches exceeding your personal best.

There are gas burners beside your swims for the convenience of making hot drinks, and gas is provided free of charge. Fresh free mains water is on site too, so no need for you to purchase bottled.

You will be able to have a hot shower and use the luxury sanitary facilities provided in our superbly fitted lodge.

Satellite TV is installed in the lodge, so that you will do not need to miss those all important matches.

All evening meals are served in the dining room room, but if you do NOT want to leave your rods for your full English breakfast, a breakfast baguette can be served to your bivvy.


Terms & Rules for Lac Les Pins Carp Fishing Lake

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