Lac Serenity - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Catfish in Orne (Mayenne, Pays de la Loire), France

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France flagLac Serenity

Lac Serenity is a well stocked 7.2 acre scenic and serene lake where you can fish to the abundance of Lily pads or stalk within the margins for stunning big fish to well over 40lb


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Catfish


Orne (Mayenne, Pays de la Loire) , France. (Scroll down for map)


Bookings in advance


Prices 2008 - Fishing (Week) Angler £ 220.00
Non Angler/Guest £40.00
(Enquire about overnight accommodation in-house for guest)

Extras (Daily)
(Optional) Full English Breakfast €7.50
(Optional) Evening Meal €12.50

(Optional) On site Tackle available


Tony & Ali, Orne (Mayenne, Pays de la Loire) France.


0033 233141653



Welcome to Lac Serenity:

Tony & Ali welcome you to taste the delights of Lac Serenity
Lac Serenity is a 7.2 acre scenic and serene lake in Normandy, where you can fish to the abundance of Lily pads or stalk within the margins to catch one of our exceptionally good quality, stunning and larger than average good sized fish, which can be seen gliding through the waters gracefully or disturbing the stillness and quietness of it all by trying to tease your fishing abilities, when they top the waters, time and time again. 

NEW FOR 2010 - Does your wife not want you to go fishing again this year? Is your wife uncomfortable/unhappy to sleep in a bivvie overnight? Bring your wife and she can be accommodated in the house overnight. ENQUIRE FOR DETAILS
To add some extra comfort to your fishing, we provide as part and parcel of your fishing, a communal Fisherman Lodge, which has shower and toilet facilities, Fridge/Freezer, English T.V, Pool Table and cooking facilities.  Whilst fishing here at Lac Serenity, why not take advantage of booking the optional food package consisting of a good hearty English Breakfast and Evening Meal.

A deposit of 50% will be required when booking and the remainder will be due 8 weeks before commencement of fishing.  Payments can be made by cheque.

About the water:

Hidden away in the Orne region, bordering Mayenne, Lac Serenity is a fully tree lined 7.2 acre lake, more reminiscent of an old English estate lake. The lake is surrounded by an abundance of trees from, Oaks to willows and popular to name just a few, the wild flowers and bushes blend in well with the ambience of Lac Serenity, hence the name Serenity was chosen for the lake name.

All the swims on Lac Serenity offer the angler plenty of visible features and water to fish to, lily pads and over hanging bushes in the margins offer the fish plenty of cover during the warmer months and are ideal hotspots for laying your traps. Under the surface the lakebed has patches of silt and is relatively snag free, the rest of the lakebed is made up of bars, troughs and holes again all ideal hotspots and target areas for searching out your quarry.

Much thought has gone into the swims to give each angler a host of features and also so you don’t encroach onto neighbouring swims.

There are 9 swims in total on the lake which have been designed and arranged to offer you plenty of space and comfort; most of the swims will allow you to pitch even the biggest of bivvies and swim 4 has been made into a double swim should you wish to have a social fishing experience.

About the fish:

Lac Serenity is home to good head of hard fighting top quality specimen Mirrors with starburst scale patterns and Commons that shine like bars of gold up to a weight of 48.09lb and by the time you arrive, if the fish continue to put on weight as they are doing at the moment, there is a possibility there could be fish to 50+ in the lake.

To further compliment the fishing and to offer something different we also have a few Catfish, to vary your fishing techniques, and Koi, to add extra colour to your fishing.

The Lac Serenity fish have seen very little angling pressure and as such have gained weight since their original stocking. We have also added a further 120 carp ranging in weight from 20lb up to 44lb+. You can be assured that the fish at Lac Serenity are of a very high quality, and will fight hard and long all the way to the net.

The fish in our lake are all in immaculate condition due to a high nutritional pellet, which has been fed to them since they were first stocked, the feeding program will continue throughout the year, we do this to ensure that our stock are able to gain growth and to retain condition & stamina.

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Ameneties / facilities:

Having fished in France for over 25 years we believe we know what is required, we are very proud that the facilities we have provided for you will make your stay as comfortable and as pleasant as possible and are of a very high standard.

Adjacent to the lake is the Fisherman’s lodge, which is available to all of our guests 24 hrs a day.
Inside you will find shower and toilet facilities and sinks with plenty of hot running water whenever you require it.

Also for your use is a 4 ring gas hob and microwave and fridge/freezer for storing all your supplies, the kitchen is well supplied with pots & pans and crockery should you prefer to cook your own meals and not take advantage of our freshly produced home cooked food. For those taking advantage of our food package, meals will be served looking out over the lake or inside the lodge should the weather be against us.

Whilst taking a break from the fishing, the lodge is also equipped with English TV so catching up with events back home is easy or if you fancy a game a pool we have a full size table for your use.
The lodge also has plenty of sockets for charging your bait boats, phones or camera batteries.

Bring your wife/partner and, by prior arrangement, she can be accommodated in the house every night.

We are also able to offer our guests a meal package; all the food is freshly prepared and will satisfy the biggest of appetites.

Breakfast-Typical full English with Tea/coffee and fruit juices

Evening Meal-Typical weekly menu,
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Chicken Curry
Beef Casserole/Fresh Veg
Shepherds Pie/Fresh Veg
Roast Pork Dinner
Chilli & Rice
Meat Pie/Fresh Veg

PLEASE NOTE: No one, other than
confirmed and booked party members,
are permitted on site.


The rules for Lac Serenity are minimal but essential for the safety and well being of our guests and our fish.

ONLY members of party booked on lake will be allowed on the site.
All the swims will be clean when you arrive at Lac Serenity, they should kept clean and tidy at all times as bins are provided. We will inspect them prior to your departure, please be considerate to other anglers.

  • Maximum of 3 rods-15lb minimum breaking strain
  • No braided mainlines to be used
  • No sacking of fish-all fish to be returned ASAP
  • No barbless hooks
  • Antiseptic is compulsory and must be used on all hook holds (can be bought on site)
  • No boats, only bait boats can be used, but please be considerate to other anglers
  • No rods to be left unattended
  • No swimming in the lake
  • No fires to be lit
  • No nuts to be used unless prepared by the fishery
  • Only particles, which are prepared by the fishery maybe used
  • No shelf life boilies to be used
  • All vehicles to be left in the parking area
  • 42” Landing net recommended
  • No Pets allowed on the site

These rules are here for your safety and that of your fellow anglers, please abide by these rules, anyone failing to comply will be asked to leave Lac Serenity and no refunds will be given.


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