Morgane - Bigot Lakes - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp in Mire (Pays de la Loire), France

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France flagMorgane - Bigot Lakes

Morgane Lakes has reputation for being one of the most popular exclusive carp and cat fishing venues in France. The venue consists of a 2.5 acre carp lake and a 2 acre cat lake.


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp


Mire, Pays De La Loire, France 49330 49330, France. (Scroll down for map)


Bookings Only


See website for lake availability and price.


Shirley, Morgane 53800, France.


+33 2 43 70 13 27



Welcome to Morgane - Bigot Lakes:

Bigot Lakes is run by renowned French fish farmers Michel and Laurent Bigot. They started their first carp fishing lakes in the 1990s.

The Bigot carp lakes are long established and Michel and Laurent Bigot are experts in fishery management. They are also major suppliers of big carp to lakes all over France. They provide lake netting services and give professional advice to their customers. Today the team includes qualified fish farmers, licensed fish transporters and experienced carp anglers.

Although the Bigots are highly respected throughout the industry, you’ll find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at their venues.

About the water:

The carp lake has a clay bottom, with a light covering of silt. The lake depth is a fairly uniform 3ft to 4ft, so underwater features tend to be created by angler bait and carp feeding patterns. Baited areas and tactics can vary widely from week to week depending on the number of anglers and where they choose to set up. The cat lake is deep, with depths of up to 16 feet. The big catfish tend to be caught in cover near the margins, so overhanging trees are an important feature to fish to.

About the fish:

The carp lake has carp to around 50lb, including a good number of 40s and lots of 30s. The catfish lake produces 70lb to 90lb cats on a regular basis. The cat lake also holds many smaller carp. Morgane's carp species include both grass and koi in addition to the usual mirrors, commons and linears. The cat lake also has specimen mandarin cats. There are no nuisance species to trouble anglers in either lake. Catch reports give the best indication of the average fish sizes in each lake. This one from June 2015: 35 carp on the carp lake, including 3 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 20 x 20s and 3 under 20lb. 6 catfish on the cat lake to 80lb.

Reported to
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
4Catfish (Wels)44lbs 8oz62lbs 8oz51lbs 2ozHalibut pellet (4 captures).undisclosed (4 captures),
4Mirror Carp24lbs 7oz39lbs 7oz32lbs 10oz 12drFresh / frozen boilies (4 captures).Nutrabaits Trigga Ice (2 captures),
Mainline Cell (1 capture),
undisclosed (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Best fishing conditions (according to the Fish Captures database) for Morgane - Bigot Lakes :

  • air temp
    100% (1 in 1) captures with a value show : 19°C (66.2°F) and the average overall is 19°C (66.2°F)
    19°C avg
  • water temp
    Water temperature unknown
  • water depth
    100% (2 in 2) captures with a value show : 5ft (1.52m) and the average overall is 5ft (1.52m)
    5 ft avg
  • water clarity
    Water clarity unknown
  • wind speed
    % ( in ) captures with a value show : Beaufort 0 / calm / 0-1kph / 0-1mph. (Smoke rises vertically) and the average overall is Calm
  • wind dir
    Wind direction unknown or not applicable
  • weather
    Weather unknown
  • air pressure
    Air pressure unknown
  • moon phase
    100% (8 in 8) captures with a value show : Last Quarter Moon
    Last Quarter Moon

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Ameneties / facilities:

Morgane Lakes has a spacious 45 square metre wood style chalet. Located on the bank that separates the cat lake from the carp lake, the chalet is perfectly placed for convenient access to both lakes. Inside, the facilities are modern, well equipped and include a fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area. The water and electricity are supplied by the mains, so there's plenty of hot water and it's safe to drink.


Our lakes are designed so that you enjoy your stay and our fish are protected at the same time. Please take time to read these rules.

  • Security Deposit: On arrival you will be asked for a £200 per group security deposit. This will be returned at the end of the week providing everything is left in good condition, and as clean and tidy as when you arrived.
  • Please arrive at 4pm and depart no later than 10am.
  • No lead core leaders.
  • Barbless or micro barb hooks only. No hooks bigger than size 1 & no bent hook rigs.
  • H Block Marker floats are banned on Morgane
  • No braid as mainline, no fixed leads. Unhooking mat compulsory, the lake provides carp cradles, however these are not suitable for the larger catfish and so you should bring your own too. No sacking of fish. Please use safe rigs making sure that the lead set up can slide over any shock leader knot.
  • With the exception of particles purchased on site, or factory pre-prepared branded seeds and nuts, e.g. Quest, Dynamite, Natural Baits etc., no other particles will be allowed. Preparation of particles on site is strictly forbidden and there is a zero tolerance policy in operation at this venue.
  • No marking or mutilation of fish, offenders will be prosecuted.
  • Row boats are forbidden on the carp lake but bait boats are permitted.
  • No swimming and no loud radios please. Please leave your pegs clean and put all litter, bottle tops and cigarette ends in the bins provided.
  • The toilets use a septic tank system not mains drainage. Please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet tissue otherwise you will block it. In particular please do not put baby wipes down the toilet.

Additional rules for the catfish lake

  • It is absolutely forbidden to move fish from the catfish lake to the carp lake and vice versa.
  • No sacking of catfish.
  • No trebles allowed.
  • Braid can be used as main line ONLY in the catfish lake.
  • You can use live bait but only fish caught from the lake (not bought from other waters or shops). Worms are OK.
  • No spinning or artificial baits.
  • Dead baits are OK, e.g. mackerel, sardine, squid etc.
  • 3 rods maximum for carp and catfish... but you can use an extra light coarse rod to catch some live bait.
  • A rowboat is provided on the catfish lake but there are no life jackets supplied. You MUST take (and use) your own lifejacket if you want to use the boat. Anyone caught using the boat without a lifejacket will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Any angler not respecting the rules will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.


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