Sweet Chestnut Lake - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Cats in Saint Saud Lacoussiere (Dordogne, Aquitaine), France

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France flagSweet Chestnut Lake

Exclusive bookings for a maximum of four people on this beautiful stream and spring fed mature lake just under 4 acres, superb lakeside accomodation, carp to over 50lb


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Cats


La Bucherie 24470 Saint Saud Lacoussiere 24470, France. (Scroll down for map)


Exclusive bookings in advance


INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE USE OF LAKE, APARTMENT AND LARGE ITEMS OF FISHING TACKLE FOR A MAXIMUM OF FOUR PERSONS. May to September - €1120.00 per week (£1030 aprox based on ER 1.09%). March, April, October and November - €980.00 per week (£900 aprox based on ER 1.09%). December, January and February - €840.00 per week (£770 aprox based on ER 1.09%)


€300.00 deposit is required on booking with the balance due 8 weeks before start of holiday. If booking is made within 8 weeks of start of holiday full payment is required. Food package €154.00 per week per person. Fully made up double bed €75.00 per week. Breakages deposit (refundable) €200.00 per party.


Val & Colin Meneaud, La Bucherie 24470 Saint Saud Lacoussiere 24470, France.


0033 553 603 936





Welcome to Sweet Chestnut Lake:


 I am 48 years old and have worked in Parks Management for Local Government for 25 years, I finally saw the light and escaped to set up a small fishery in South West France.

I previously lived in Herefordshire and have always had a passionate interest in angling. For over 40 years I spent most of my free time fishing the River Wye. I have many happy memories of summer days legering for barbel, trotting a float for winter grayling and boilie fishing at night for the elusive Wye carp. I kept a fishing diary since the age of 12 and have a record of every single fishing trip, adding up to several thousand entries, ( how sad is that!).

I am a great lover of the outdoors and enjoy and appreciate the wildlife, fauna and flora. Here at Sweet Chestnut Lake I have already encountered numerous new species of animal, bird and plant that I would never have seen in England.

Since emigrating to France my time has been spent renovating the lake and land. I have found a new passion and even the wettest and most muddy of tasks beats 9 to 5 in the Office any time!


I am older and wiser than Colin! I too have a local government background. My interest in fishing has only been realised upon meeting and marrying Colin. Having the advantage of an experienced angling husband, I have been successful in landing several different species of fish of specimen size in a short space of time, which has been great fun. However, I must admit to being a 'fair weather fisher' and am just as content on the bank with a good book!

Most of all, I love the countryside and rural living and welcome the more relaxed way of life here in France.

About the water:

A beautiful stream and spring fed mature lake of just under 4 acres, 200 metres long and 70 metres wide. Depths vary from 1 metre, where the stream enters, to up to 5 metres at the dam end.

The lake has a certificate of Private Status awarded by the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, which we secured in 2007. This means anglers do not need to buy any form of licence, there are no seasonal restrictions and fishing is permissible 24 hours a day.

Levels are always maintained in the lake by the incoming streams and also by springs that can be seen bubbling from the lake bed. In the severe drought in France, in summer 2006, when many lakes actually dried up, sweet chestnut lake retained it’s full height

The lake bed has a combination of rock, clay and silt and there is no significant weed or snags.

Half of the lake has lovely flat grassed banks, level with the waters edge. The remaining half is left more undisturbed as a wild life haven, but we have created access points for anglers between the trees, ideal for stalking.

The lake is surrounded by native woodland . The predominant tree species being Sweet Chestnut and Oak with Birch, Alder, Poplar and Willow also in abundance. Beneath the tree canopy is a profusion of other native vegetation, including Gorse and Broom, Alder Buckthorn and Bracken. Orchids have been seen growing in the shade of the trees.

About the fish:

The lake contains at least 2 tonne of carp, over 200 fish. Half of this weight comprises carp of the fast growing Czechoslovakian ‘Royale’ Strain, supplied by premier French fish dealer Simon Horton. These big framed fish, mostly mirrors, are gorgeous specimens which have made huge weight gains since they were stocked in the winter of 2006/2007. We now have a good head of upper 30’s to upper 40’s, with a lake record of 54lb 4oz.

Reported to www.fishcaptures.com:
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
11carp6lbs 0oz54lbs 4oz30lbs 6oz 12drFresh / frozen boilies (29 captures),
Unknown (5 captures),
Tiger nut (1 capture),
Sweetcorn (13 captures).
premier baits matrix/supa indians (2 captures),
Mainline Quad (2 captures),
premier baits (1 capture),
undisclosed (20 captures),
LoirBaits (1 capture),
Loirbaits TC1 (2 captures),
UK glugged tigers (1 capture),
Asda (1 capture),
Loir Baits (1 capture).
2Catfish3lbs 0oz81lbs 0oz43lbs 5oz 11drFresh / frozen boilies (4 captures),
Hi attract pop up boilies (1 capture).
LoirBaits (1 capture),
Loire (1 capture).
10Catfish (Wels)3lbs 0oz81lbs 0oz42lbs 0oz 2drFresh / frozen boilies (3 captures),
Unknown (1 capture),
Sweetcorn (1 capture),
Imitation maize (1 capture),
Baitfish (small fish) (1 capture),
Other pellet (1 capture),
Fish (1 capture),
Fish (1 capture).
undisclosed (5 captures),
Steamer Baits Livit MF Boilie 20mm (2 captures),
SuperU Bien Vu (1 capture),
Enterprise Tackle (1 capture),
loirbaits tc1 (1 capture).
1Chub3lbs 6oz3lbs 6oznaWorm (lobworm) (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture).
11Common Carp6lbs 0oz27lbs 0oz14lbs 5oz 7drSweetcorn (3 captures),
Fresh / frozen boilies (3 captures),
Worm (lobworm) (2 captures),
Maggot (white) (1 capture),
Unknown (1 capture),
Boilie paste (1 capture).
undisclosed (6 captures),
SuperU Bien Vu (2 captures),
Steamer Baits Livit MF Boilie 20mm (1 capture),
SuperU BienVu (1 capture),
Carp Cuisine 'Frankfurter Sausage' single hookers in 18mm. (1 capture).
41Mirror Carp10lbs 0oz54lbs 4oz32lbs 10oz 16drFresh / frozen boilies (18 captures),
Sweetcorn (9 captures),
Shelf life boilies (6 captures),
Maize (yellow) (4 captures),
Unknown (3 captures),
Imitation sweetcorn (mega popup) (1 capture).
undisclosed (13 captures),
SuperU Bien Vu (5 captures),
Mistral Crab and Crawfish 15mm (5 captures),
Carp Cuisine 'Frankfurter Sausage' single hookers in 18mm. (4 captures),
kt30 (3 captures),
Carp Cuisine 'Spicy fish' (Fruits de mer) 18mm (2 captures),
Carp Cuisine 'Banana creme' 18mm (2 captures),
Dynamite Baits (1 capture),
Loire (1 capture),
Loirbaits Tutti Crab TC1 (1 capture).
7Perch8oz3lbs 0oz2lbs 14ozWorm (lobworm) (6 captures),
Worm (red) (1 capture).
undisclosed (6 captures),
Redworm tipped with sweetcorn (1 capture).
2Pike7lbs 0oz12lbs 0oz9lbs 8oz 16drBaitfish (small fish) (1 capture),
Worm (lobworm) (1 capture).
undisclosed (2 captures).
1Roach1lbs 2oz1lbs 2oznaMaggot (red) (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture).
1Rudd1lbs 0oz1lbs 0oznaMaggot (white) (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture).

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Best fishing conditions (according to the Fish Captures database) for Sweet Chestnut Lake :

  • air temp
    12.9% (8 in 62) captures with a value show : 7°C (44.6°F) and the average overall is 13.5°C (56.3°F)
    13.5°C avg
  • water temp
    10.7% (6 in 56) captures with a value show : 7°C (44.6°F) and the average overall is 11.2°C (52.16°F)
    11.2°C avg
  • water depth
    34.4% (21 in 61) captures with a value show : 4ft (1.22m) and the average overall is 5.8ft (1.77m)
    5.8 ft avg
  • water clarity
    33.3% (30 in 90) captures with a value show : Low clarity (Some light penetration - visibility up to a foot) and the average overall is Medium clarity
    Low clarity
  • wind speed
    29.5% (18 in 90) captures with a value show : Beaufort 2 / 5 knots / 6-11kph / 4-7mph. (Wind felt on face; leaves rustle; flags stir) and the average overall is Gentle Breeze
    Slight Breeze
  • wind dir
    Wind direction unknown or not applicable
  • weather
    Weather unknown
  • air pressure
    24.07% (13 in 54) captures with a value show : Air pressure: 999 mbar (29.50 inches, 749 mm) Falling. Outlook - Rain
    999 mbar Falling
  • moon phase
    18.9% (17 in 90) captures with a value show : Waning Gibbous Moon
    Waning Gibbous Moon

View more capture statistics (all captures in graph mode)

Ameneties / facilities:

Lakeside Accomodation

The apartment itself is contained within the main house and has recently been refurbished and decorated to a high standard. It is a spacious self-contained, first floor open-plan apartment with a small well equipped kitchen,including a larder fridge, separate bedroom* and en-suite bathroom with English toilet and shower.

The accommodation is situated on the lake side, less that 10 metres from the water’s edge. Access is by way of an external stairway with a small viewing balcony and french doors to the living/dining area.

Outside the apartment exclusive to our guests, there is a lovely area with a stone barbeque, table, chairs and parasol, ideal for sitting out and relaxing. Below this, accessed by natural steps, on the lake’s edge, is a hardstanding which can also be used and you can even fish from here if you like.

Click on the thumbnails to view large photos of our accommodation: * Please click here for more details.



  • Welfare of the fish is paramount.
  • Use landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings provided.
  • Use the weigh sling with rods provided to return carp to the water. Never return carp to the lake in your bare hands.
  • Strictly no nets of any kind to be brought to the lake. This includes landing nets, weigh slings, sacks, keep nets and unhooking mats.
  • No sacking of fish.
  • Do not keep carp out of the water for excessive periods, particularly during hot dry weather. A quick weigh and photograph, then put them safely back in.
  • If a hooked fish becomes snagged please inform the owners, who have access to a boat and will be able to assist.
  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler.
  • Strictly barbless hooks only. No micro barbs or barbs bent down.
  • No treble hooks.
  • Minimum of 15 lb main line, 12 lb for float fishing.
  • No braided main line. Braid is permitted as a hook length.
  • No leadcore.
  • No leaders of any kind.
  • Rig tubing is permitted
  • No fixed leads.
  • No bent hooks.
  • No wire traces.
  • No spinning (we are sorry to bring in this rule but following the foul-hooking of 2 large carp in 2008 we have to put the welfare of the fish first).
  • Bait boats are permitted.
  • Rods are not to be unattended at any time.
  • Respect tackle and equipment provided.
  • No particle baits to be introduced to the lake except those available for sale on site.
  • No nuts of any kind except for 1 x 380gr jar of Tiger Nuts per angler per week, sold on site.
  • Cooked hemp and halibut pellets are permitted.
  • No inferior quality boilies. If unsure please see the owners.
  • Livebaiting and Deadbaiting are permitted, but only with small silver fish caught from our lake, using a single barbless hook.
  • Strictly no fish to be brought on site from external sources, including both fresh water and sea types.
  • No swimming or wading.
  • Stalking is encouraged but please take a landing net and make sure an unhooking mat is not far away.
  • No open fires.
  • No loud music or shouting.
  • Excessive drinking or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No litter, please use dustbins provided.
  • Please do not remove overhanging branches from trees and do not cut back bank side vegetation. If you need some clearance carried out, see the owner who will be pleased to help.
  • Respect the wildlife.
  • Please note that the lake and apartment are not available until after 2pm on day of arrival, all anglers must vacate the lake and apartment by 11am on day of departure.


  • Strictly no smoking.
  • No muddy boots
  • No maggots to be stored in the apartment
  • Breakages must be paid for.

We believe the above rules to be reasonable and every angler that visits Sweet Chestnut Lake will be expected to abide by them.

We reserve the right to ask any angler that contravenes any of the above rules to pack up and leave the fishery immediately, with no refund of any monies that have previously been paid.


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